Reading and Writing Assignment for 6/9/15 14th class

Reading Assignment:  Read pages 32-45 in The Hundred Penny Box


Writing Assignment: Aunt Dew uses her pennies to remember the years of her life.  And for each year, she calls up a particular event that made it special.  Pick a year in your life that you think was especially important, maybe it was the first year you went to school or the year you met your best friend.  Or maybe it was the first year you took a trip to another country.  Start by introducing the year in a phrase like this: “ For me, 2012 was a truly important year. That was the year I…. Describe what happened in that year. Then explain why it was a particularly important year for you. 

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Shirley's homework

   In 2014 is very impotent for me! This I go Canada learned 5 mouth. Before I go was very miss my parents,But when I go to the other side, I think separation is only temporary. So I do myself: every morning I get up,I said to me: try you best, believe you! And I went to school with my loved friend--Ellen! Ellen is so kind she over know what think, so we are lovely friend.And in the class I know something we can not understand, but we are very happy to together finish homework! After dinner we are wen to play grand( she didn't like very much,often is me to put her go and take her to swimming)! In night we both are tired,so we talking or talking with our parents. 21:00 it is time to bed!Front now I think that life is so wonderful!

I hope like this kind of life, I want to learn English well to have such good life in the that impotent what I think this year--2014 is impotent-- it is inspired to me learned English!

Here is Elsa's response:


 For me, 2010 was a truly important year. That was the year I  went to Beijing to begin my study of primary school with my parents .Before this, my great mother and my dear father had a lot of wrangles about I am going to Chengdu or another place to study. My mother insisted that I should go to Beijing to have a great learning environment but my father thought Chengdu would be well more. Finally, I choose my mother’s advice to go to Beijing by plane.

  When I was 6 years old, I went to the WanQuan primary school which is a large school in Beijing and there were lots of teachers, they tought me a lot !There were all kinds of groups too, I could select one which I liked more , I could join them to have some wonderful time with my classmate and learnt some things that I could’t find in books. There, I’ve made many new friends and I joined the Music Group to play the drum, which is my hobby! In there , the best thing for me is I become a minister ! I am proud of being a minister. I learn more knowledges from there !

  In my small heart ,it is my indelible year .

Alfonso's response


For me, 2012 was a truly important year. That was the year I first went to Canada. I went there and visited my aunt and uncle who lived in Vancouver by taking an airplane. My aunt’s house had a swimming pool. I swam there with my cousins four times a week. That was a good time. We went to the beach on weekends. I had never been to a beach until I went to Canada. We played with sand and collected some seaweed and seashells. That was very fun. We took a cruise tour to Alaska to see the glaciers onboard an ocean liner. The liner’s name was Norwegian Sun. It was a luxurious cruise ship. I went to the buffet for the dessert and delicious food. I sometimes also sit on a beach chair on the deck watching the beautiful ocean and having some cookies. The ocean was very beautiful. I think Sarah will like it! Four days later, we finally arrived at the destination--- Alaska Glaciers. The glaciers were very impressive. We also went to the little land near there. They sold some special things I had never seen before. For example, a T-shirt which can change to colorful when it is basked in sun. That was the best trip of my life! If I have the chance, I will go there again.


@ Alfonso


This is very nice description of your "truly important year." And I agree, I think Sarah would like this trip too.  Going to Alaska is one of my dream trips. I like the cold, Arctic landscapes and have traveled to the North Pole a few times, but never to Alaska. It's definitely on my list.  Your description of sitting on deck watching the ocean and eating cookies really made me envious. I hope you get to go back. 

Here is Jackie's response to the assignment:


For me, 2015 is a truly important year. That is the year I made great progress on persistence and self-management. These were beneficial to my growth.

          In early of this year, I went to Nepal with Happy Camp to hike at Himalayas mountains without my parent’s company. I and my campers had to carry 5 kilogram load in our journey, and we did have less water and some food, we also had to walk 40 kilometers in the mountains. Our hotel was very bad, there were only a bed and a little table, it even didn't had a bathroom.

           The mountain road was very cliffy, and some of the road has lots of little stones. We must be very careful because if you didn't pay attention, you would fall to the ground, and got very painful. Some of the road had lost of stone step, we would spend all afternoon to climb to the top of the mountain. Some time, we have to woke up very early. For example, one night, we only slept for four hours and we got up at 4:00am and climbed a high mountain in the morning, but when I saw the snowy mountain, it was so beautiful. I was not tired at all, what I thought about was the beautiful snow mountain in my eyes.

          We're very tired after the journey, but we were happy because we finished a great job.

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