Reading and Writing Assignments for 1/29/15 class 8

Reading Assignment:  Please read pages 1-49 In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson


As you read, please consider these questions.  We can talk about the answers in the next class.  What do Shirley Temple Wong and Wanda Petronski have in common? When Shirley a.k.a. Bandit is in China, how would you describe her life?  How does it change when she arrives in the States? For those who were in the 4th grade class with me, is she an immigrant or an emigrant? (Think carefully! The question is trickier than it looks)


Writing Assignments


In the book called The Hundred Dresses, both Peggy and Maddy feel bad about how they treated Wanda.  But they don't feel bad in the same way.  Please describe the differences in the girls' reactions.  Also when you mention a difference, please quote from the book to give an example (even better would be two examples) of what you say.


Please don't just list the differences. Weave, or combine them. into a paragraph that starts something like this:  "By the end of  The Hundred Dresses, both Peggy and Maddy feel bad about their treatment of Wanda, but one of them definitely feels more regret (sorrow) than the other" or else "In Eleanor Estes The Hundred Dresses, Peggy and Maddy both regret their behavior, but only one of them vows to change it." 


Remember to set the stage for your idea by naming the book, or the author's name and the book. Put the title of the book in italics. Use the literary present tense and try to make the sentences move smoothly into one another, for instance: " Maddie had tears in her eyes when she spoke. Peggy, however, remained her usual happy self."  The however says to the reader, Look out, I am going to point out a contrast.  I look forward to reading your work. 



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I think Peggy feel like: Oh, she must like us. I didn’t do any bad things, if she thinks it was bad and she must forgive me.

  I think Maddie feel like: I am so sorry for Wanda, I shouldn’t make fun with her, if I didn’t make fun with her, and she didn’t need to leave! I feel so sorry about her and I am really regret.

   Maddie is poor like Wanda, she is different with Peggy. When she knows Wanda drew a dress for her, she is cry. Because she wants to be Wanda’s friend, she didn’t want to make fun with her. But Peggy isn’t, she think she didn’t do any bad things, and she just wants to make fun with Wanda, she think it just a game.

Hi Cindy,


I love your insight (understanding) of the differences between the two girls. It's absolutely spot on (I hope you remember the meaning of that idiom*) I could not have said it better myself.


 I will send you an e-mail going over some issues like subject verb agreement. But where the content is concerned, you could not have done a better job.  I am so pleased at how much you wrote and how well you expressed yourself, although I would have liked an introductory statement of the main idea as I asked for in the assignment. But perhaps you can do that next time. For now, you should be very pleased with your excellent understanding of a story written in a language not your own. 


* I am sending everyone a few idioms commonly used in school, along with a definition. But for now, they are phrases or statements that are part of a specific language. And they can't be understood realistically. While native speakers grow up with them, non-native speakers often struggle with the meanings because they don't seem to make sense. Spot on, meaning "perfect" was one I introduced in class because I say it so often, And I say it especially often where  this class is concerned. 

    I think the same between Peggy and Maddie is they all started to be nice to Wanda, but they still felt different things.

    Peggy is a rich girl, she has lots of friends, so lots of girls in the class wanted to make friend with her. But she maybe wants some fun to make herself happy, so she teeth Wanda. I think she did't want to hurt Wanda, she just wanted to make some fun. So she think she didn't hurt Wanda and she didn't feel sorry to her. So she think Wanda really liked her when Wanda send her that picture.

    But Wanda is different. She is a poor girl just like Wanda, so she's feel is more like Wanda, so when Peggy and other girls teeth Wanda, she didn't feel good. I think she teeth Wanda with Peggy just because she didn't want to lose her friends. So I think when Wanda send her the picture, she is the happiest, because she knew that Wanda forgive them she is very happy.


      Peggy and Maddie all feel sorry to Wanda.But the "sorry" is different.

      Peggy is a rich girl,she is popular,too.She has a lot of friends in class,she won't so care about lose one friend.She thinks:I didn't do any bad to Wanda,,Wanda leaves not because I made fun from her.I am a very good girl every one likes me. Wanda likes me,too.I only want her comes back quickly,and we can make fun of her again.

      Maddie is a poor girl,she can understand Wanda's feeling.She is realy feel so sorry to Wanda.When her best friend---Peggy is making fun of Wanda,she stand by and didn't do any things,because she doesn't want to lose a friend.But after Wanda leaves,she promise herself:if someone make fun of Wanda again when she is back,I won't only stand by again,I must protect her and I will not care about who is making fun.



I am sorry about the delay in responding to this. I have been under the weather (idiom meaning "sick") and am way behind (another idiom meaning "late") on everything. I will send you some comments about grammar and such via e-mail. But this is the best writing you have done so far. 


What is particularly good is your understanding of the difference between Maddie and Peggy and why they respond differently. That is very impressive. (calls for admiration from the reader or viewer)


GREAT WORK!  Laraine



This is a perfectly lovely interpretation (explanation) of what is going on in the story. As we say in the States, you really dug into it, and your insights are, in my opinion, spot on. 


I like, too, that you are using different types of punctuation to vary the effect of your sentences. Your ending  is very good. It really wraps up the story and your comments on it.


I will send you some comments via e-mail about grammar and punctuation. However, the main thing is your understanding of the story is EXCELLENT!



1. I am very happy because my father had bought a book which one I always want to have it.

2. Mike is angry because his little brother had broke his PSP.

3. The tiger is angry that a fox had steal his meat away.

4. The woman is sad that his little son had died of a car crash.

Hi Mark,


Sorry to take so long to respond. I am just today feeling 100 percent (idiom meaning "totally well" or "completely healed")


Your use of the pattern is perfect. We will keep building on that pattern to make even longer and more complex sentences. But, as usual, you are off to a great start. Nice job. See you on Thursday.  LMF  P.S. I will send you an e-mail concerning punctuation and verb tense. But what's important is your understanding of the pattern. And that's excellent. 


This is from Doris, who was having some trouble getting on the forum. She has done a great job describing the difference between the two girls. What she points out is that Maddie feels real guilt. Peggy feels only a mild discomfort (Note how the prefix "dis" turns comfort into not comfortable.).  Nice work Doris! L.




I think Peggy feel like: Oh, yeah! She must like us, we didn’t do anything wrong, but she thinks we are bad, but we are not; we just teeth her, we are not hurt her!

I think Maddie feel like:I don’t think teeth her is good.Oh,she was very poor!I am very sorry, Wanda, I am sorry I make your fun with the other girl.If I didn’t teeth you, you won’t transfer to another school.

Maddie as poor as Wanda, she is different with the girl who laughing Wanda. Peggy think she good, laughing other is good, she is good, she is perfect;Peggy isn’t care Wanda’s feeling, she just to do everthing about herself.Maddie first she is wrong, but later, she know that is not good,so she never theething Wanda again!

These are real "Cindy" sentences, filled with your usual imagination. My favorite ones are about the tiger and the bear. I attach a photo of a grizzly, who looks like she just lost her fish.


I would have liked for you to also use "that" as a conjunction. Maybe next time. In any case, you seem to understand the pattern, which makes me happy.







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    He is so sad because his wife fought with him.

    We are crying hard because we are going to leave Canada,our host family and our friends.

    She is  angry that someone-----her little dog had put her shoes away.

    Molly(a realy dog)was tired that she had followed our cars long time.

Hi Enya, 


This is a great sentence:"We are crying hard because we are going to leave Canada,our host family and our friends.  "


But the one about the sad husband is  a good example of the pattern as well.


You clearly understand the pattern, subject, verb to be, plus adjective  and have expanded it even more than I had asked for. I especially like the series completing the first  sentence.


I will send you some further comments via e-mail.  Best, Laraine



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