Reading and Writing Assignment for 4/30/15 18th class

Reading Assignment:Read pages of Shooting Kabul 132-152.


Writing Assignment:


At one point in the story, Fadi locks himself in the trunk of his father's car. Write a paragraph explaining why he does this and what he hopes to accomplish (get done). However, please begin your writing with a sentence using the pattern we discussed in class.
Fadi, the main character in N.H. Senzai's Shooting Kabul,  is ......
Please note that the adjective (descriptive word) you choose to describe Fadi is the focus of your writing. It's the general point that needs to be made more specific.  For instance, if you said that "Fadi, the main character in N.H. Senzai's Shooting Kabul  is  mad at his father," you would need to explain why he is angry and how getting in the trunk is going to help him not be angry, for instance: "Fadi, the main character in N.H. Senzai's Shooting Kabul is mad at his father because he made the family leave Mariam behind. After she dropped her doll, she tried to get on the truck with Fadi's help. But she fell and Fadi's father wouldn't make the truck stop, so she was left all alone among strangers.   By getting in the trunk, Fadi hopes to....
I am looking forward to reading what you write. I expect it to be riveting like the examples we discussed in class today.  


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I am posting for Cindy, who can't get on the forum:


Fadi, the main character in N.H. Senzai's Shooting Kabul is a responsible boy and he is mad at his father.  His family is on a calamity, but his six-year-old sister, Mariam is lost her favorite toy: a Barbie. So she go and get it, but their father Habib, he won’t stop and wait Mariam. Habib just go and leave her. Fadi is so mad about about his father, he lock himself into the trunk, and mad at his father. Fadi hope his father to stop the car and get her sister on, but Habib is thinking about the whole family, even Fadi is mad at him. I think Fadi should forgive his father, because Habib need to think more things about their family, he need to keep his family in safe. And he love Mariam too, he just don’t want to see more people died in his one choice.


Hi Cindy, I am so impressed that you used the word "calamity," and you are absolutely right, the family is in calamity, very well put.   I think you are right that Fadi should forgive his father. I think by the time his ride to the airport is over, he has done so. 


I am very happy to see you posting again. Nice work.  

    Fadi, the main character in N.H. Senzai's Shooting Kabul is a responsible boy. His six-year-old sister Mariam lost her favorite doll, Gulmina when they are getting away from the calamity, so she went and tried to get it. It is very dangerous is the calamity, but their father, Habib didn't stop her because he has to look after the other people in their family and they didn't have a lot of time. Fadi was so mad at his father because he hopes he father stop the truck and get her sister on so he locked himself into he trunk to tell his father with this way"I am mad at you, you should save Mariam". But Habib had to look after other people in their family. If he go and save Mariam, the whole family will be died. So Habib was not wrong and Fadi should comprehend his father and do not be mad at him anymore.


   Fadi, the main character in N.H. Senzai's Shooting Kabul,  is loving his sister so much.When Mariam lose her favourite doll,she realy want to go and get it.But Fadi hold onto her.Fadi is care about her safely,and he does all he can do to make Mariam stop.At last Mariam is lose.Fadi is sorry for her and himself.

   When Fadi hears about the girl that get on a wrong plane,he is very excited because he may can go and fing his sister----Mariam! He hopes he can get his father's trunk and get to the airport.Then,he is going to use an old ticket and go onto the plane that is going to Peshawar and nobody notice him.Peshawar is near Kabul if he can get there,he can go and find Mariam.But Habib find him in the trunk.He is not going to start his plan after his father tells him how stupid it is.

  I can see how deep is Fadi loves Mariam.

@Mark, Some very nice writing here. And you also seem to know the word "calamity." Very impressive.  It's a favorite of mine, but even some Americans might not know what it means. I agree with you that Fadi has no need to be mad at his father. I am not sure he was though, at least not as mad as his mother was.  I used it in the  sample paragraph just to give an example of what I meant.


You are very right, too, about Fadi's father's reason for not making the truck stop so that they could go back and get Mariam. I think by the time Fadi gets out of the trunk, he does "comprehend" (another very good word) that about his dad.

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