Homework for Class #28: Island of the Blue Dolphins

For homework, please finish the book, reading pages 141-174 (Chapters 23-29) of Island of the Blue Dolphins!


Please write an essay answering the following (250 word minimum):

Imagine that you had been left on the island under the same circumstances as Karana. Describe how you would have survived some of the hardships and threats to survival that she faced (earthquake, wild dogs, the Aleut invasions, etc.).


Translate the paragraph on p.159 in Ch. 27 beginning “The air was suddenly tight around me. There was a faint sound as if…”


Then, come up with one or two discussion questions that you can ask your classmates.



For your review, here are the vocabulary words that were discussed last class:

  • length
  • entangled
  • abalones
  • pelican
  • tossed
  • disoriented
  • dizzy
  • calm


Original Post
Berry's homework:
I think if i live in the island which nobody in there,i will meet so many different problems.First of all, i will use some materials to build a house,like woods,clay and feathers,i had better use local materials,i think it more convenient.And then,you should find some plants that you know and make sure they are safe to eat,you can pick them to full your stomach.You should save some of them ,the more ,the better,because you cannot predict what will happen in the future.Second,you need fire.That is the most important thing in the island.You should collect some hard enough things and rub them with each other.Then try to find some branches,and use them to fire with the hard things.Remember to increase your speed and power.If you meet the groups of wolf,you should hide behind the bush.Don't be fear of it and try to keep calm.You can use the fire in the night and maybe it can help you avoid them.Or if you want to make a spear,you can use your hatchet{if you have}to pare them,make them like a knife.

Daniel's Homework:

When i was on the island,the first thing i have to do is to find a good place for living. It's very important. I think I will find or dig a hole for myself.First, the wild dog is terrible. They can kill korona's brother in the first day.The second thing i need to do is about food.It is hard to chose healthy food to eat so i will chose the food which can give me enough energy to do hunting, building and other works. To me , the most challenge is the weather. It is very cold in winter, this days, our city is very cold so i'm afraid of cold.I should make a fire to keep the cold away. A good shielter is important for me.To survive, we should learn a lot about physics more.Use solar energy correctly can help us get heat and fire,how much degrees can make the building materials harder...these are all can answered by phisics knowledge.Make friends with others, including animals is also very important, pr i will died by loneliness. If it is possible, i can raise some small animals on the island, for food. When i can't get food, i will devide my food in to several groups for each day. When there are ships coming, i don't care wheather they are from the west or from the east. To the nature, we are all human, to survival,i must stay in the area where the modern human live in,human will never get used to the wild nature anymore.

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