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Hi, I am William. I a boy who just turned 16 and currently is a freashmen in MHS. My hobbies are mostly computer related, but I also love drumming. I love to watch animations and also love to do video editing and animating.  I have a little channel on Youku, which has more than 1.7k subscribers. I am also very experienced in website management and server tech support. I have been a moderator and administrator of a website since 2012(, no longer exist), and I am currently a moderator of the biggest minecraft forum in China(, have over 1.4 millions users). As a moderator of the website, I regularly check on inappropriate posts, enforcing new rules, and occasionally changing the video on the website homepage. My other job as a server technician is to maintain the operation of a minecraft server. My job is to config the server, translate the plugins(to chinese),and solve server errors by look up the logs. I also have been doing this since 2012 and I gain all many experiences though out the years. I am a very friendly and cheerful kid. My speaking skills might not be that great, but I do LOVE to make friends. I am looking forward to meet many new Awesome people in this upcoming summer!


PS: sorry for the late post, i was traveling around recently, so i didn't got the chance to check my e-mail.




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