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For homework, please read chapters 10-13 of Summer of the Swans (pages 49-76).
Then, please write an essay discussing this question (It should be 4-12 sentences long):

Why do you think self-acceptance and self-understanding are important? How do these two aspects affect Sara, Wanda, and Charlie throughout the story?

Last, please find 2-3 words or phrases in these chapters that you don't know.  Find the definition and write it down.  Bring these definitions to class to share with your classmates.
Have fun, and let me know if you have any questions!
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 In our life , we will face other people,but in the most of time,we think about ourselves,talk to ourselves. So, the most important things for us to have a harmonious environment to spend time with ourselves is self-acceptance and self-unstanding.
         But why they are so important?First,if you can't accept everyting about yourself like your bodys,your abilities or something like that,Why others will accept you?Second, as you can't understand yourself,so if you must to make a choice,which is really important for you , what should you do?Or, if you make a choice you sure that you will never suspect about your choice?
          So,I think,its really important for us to accpt ourselves and understand ourselves.
          In the book,Sara always can not accepts herself,she doesn't like her feet as she thinks they are too huge she doesn't like her fingers as she thinks they are stubby she used to write a theme about looks being the most important thing in the word, she thinks her sister Wanda is pretty,she doesn't like he own looks.She also can't understands herself.She doesn't know why she likes her orange sneakers before a second but she doesn't like it anymore at the moment.She wants to brokes everythings in her life as she doesn't like them and she doesn't understand them!So ,she doesn't like her Aunt Willie,her sister.Charies is her little brother, who intelligence has some problem.But Sara love him,though sometimes she impatient with him.I think maybe she think everybody can't understand her,doesn't like her, but her brother depend on her.So,as the kinship,she can lookafter her brother  and she love her brother .


I think self-acceptance and self-understanding are important. The reason that self-acceptance is important is because it can make yourself better, if you do not acceptance yourself, your life will become very hard, because you always think everything you have is really worse and you always think other people are better than you in many ways. The reason that why self-understanding is important is it can make you be more confident. When other people do not understand you, you can understand yourself. Self-acceptance and self-understanding can make your life very easy and relax. This two aspects affect Sara by Sarah always thinks her life is really bad. The two aspects affect Charlie by Charlie is a boy that not confidant and he is really conceit. 



Word I don’t know and the definitions.



Emphatically-------- say something really strong and clear


   I think self-understanding is really important because sometime you need to ask a question, but no one was there, so I think you have to ask yourself, but if you don’t acceptance you might be really confuse about what you’re thinking. Self-understanding can make a person knows well what others was thinking about, they can take care of them when others was in trouble, and they know what they fell when something happened.


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