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Reading assignment: Finish A Long Walk to Water

and read pages. 3-27 in Out of the Dust

For the writing assignment, illustrate the opening sentence below with an example from your own life or from the book we are reading now, A Long Walk to Water. Remember to make each sentence connect to the one that comes after it, so the reader--that would be me--understands what each sentence has to do with the previous one.

According to the German philosopher* Friedrich Nietzsche that which doesn't destroy us only makes us stronger.. (Here's where you need to start your illustration of Nietzsche's point, and you need to introduce that illustration as smoothly as possible. ) Here's one way to do it. But I hope you will come up with other ways. "Nietzsche seems to have been right about that. What he says was certainly true for .....

*philosopher: "phil" means "love" and a philosopher is a lover of wisdom. He or she likes to think and write about ideas related to all aspects of life, such as art, morality, human thought and behavior.

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Here is Berry's response:

We usually hear our parents say some general truths to us,but as teens,sometimes we are not agree with them or accept them.So how we can accept them?To accept them,i think we should use some examples from our own life persuade our kids and readers.( so,because you know sometimes teens will prefer to believe the truth from books.)

ok,so,here is my experience from my own life:
When i went to the UK last summer vacation,once a day in London,i was woke up with a start by a noise at nearly 1 p.m. in the hotel.The sounds was so big that made me so anxious to find where the sounds from ,so i ignore the content of it.At first i was so alarm because i was afraid of disturb others. After some minutes,i heard it said' fire emergency, please remain calm and out of the building immediately!' at the same time,someone knock my door and yell to me' get out of here quickly,there is fire!!!' i wasn't wait for any second,hauled my chum and got out of the door as quickly as possible in pajamas .A thought rush into my mind'i will die!' i didn't care everything except myself.but fortunately, when i arrived the ground safely,i really so relaxed! i saw there is a large crowd,of people gathered in the ground with pajamas just like me.Until the next day, i know it just someone take a smoke and touch the alarm.( But through the detail, i think the UK is full of sense of security.You know,actually in China,there isn't many hotels have the measure to protect people.) That the first time i touched death so directly.

So after that,when i go to hotel,i will find the exit and lift at the first time, i will find the ichnography of the hotel.i think my experience is not a bad thing.Frustration will warn us,it will give a pretty wealth to us,like gift.I believe it just like German philosopher* Friedrich Nietzsche said that which doesn't destroy us only makes us stronger.. If you want more evidences to prove my opinion,you must remember the book we are reading now,from the book 'A Long Walk To Water.',how Salva can support himself to refugee camp? Absolutely he met a lot of frustrations,but some belief in his mind-----my uncle was died, no one left can give me help,my family would want me to survive to .....grow up and make something of my life. And in the end,he is survive. Uncle's died,without family's help,Salva still survive although he ever thought he can't be survive. Through it,i see sometimes setbacks cannot destroy person but save him.

You made the point perfectly. That's exactly right. Having been touched by death (I love that sentence) and having survived, you are less fearful, less anxious. You are as Nietzsche claimed stronger for having gone through a bad experience.  Your use of transitions is really coming along, and as always, I enjoy reading your thoughts. Great conclusion too!

According to the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche that which doesn't destroy us only makes us stronger. The book A Long Walk to Water shows that the sentence is true. The main character of the book, Salva, had lost his family at first. And when he found his uncle, his uncle was killed. When he went to the refugee camp in Ethiopia, the soldiers drove them out and most people died. We can see that Salva was so unlucky. But after all these things happened, he didn't die, so he became much stronger and became the leader of many boys. And at last he even got the ability of helping the others in South Sudan. That shows the words which Friedrich Nietzsche said were true.

Here is Alice's response:


Nietzsche seems to have been right about that. What he says was certainly true for Salva, who is the main character in A Long Walk to Water. When People were escaping from Ethiopia to Kenya, the soldiers forced them to pass the river by themselves, but there were crocodiles that may harm them, and those Ethiopia soldiers were shooting at them. But god put Salva under his protection, and he became one of the lucky ones. From this thing we can see that destiny will always look after those whom is kind and honest, just like Nietzsche said, you can always become stronger.

According to the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche that which doesn't destroy us only makes us stronger. In Linda Sue Park’s book A Long Walk of Water, Nietzsche’s point looks fit the story. When Salva was small, his family broke and he had no body. Then he grow up to a young fellow, he became strong. He can walk to another refugee camp by himself. He can also go to America and find his father by himself. At last he can join the volunteer group to build wells in Sudan called Water for South Sudan. In my life, there’s happening the same thing: When I was in grade 5, my mom let me to a study tour. At first I was afraid of it, because I have to leave my family for three months. But when I am back and I finally know that the difficulty makes people different. Now I can go out by myself, like me went to Singapore. PS.Sorry I am late

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