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Reading Assignment: Finish The Giver

Writing Assignment: Although it is not directly stated, there is a definition of wisdom in The Giver. Please explain how Lowry defines wisdom. However, make sure to open with this kind of introduction, “Wisdom is a difficult word to define. But in The Giver, Lois Lowry offers an answer. She suggests that.....

After you say how Lowry defines wisdom, then describe the scene or scenes in the story that back up your point of view.

If you wish, you can fulfill the assignment using the word "love" rather than wisdom.

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Wisdom is a difficult word to define. But in The Giver, Lois Lowry offers an answer. In The Giver, when the elders need to make some decisions, they’ll ask the Receiver of memory for some proposal. And in the old China, the emperor will ask the clever one to make some decisions. I think that may point out the Receiver of memory is a sign of the wisdom. And also, the past memory is a sign of wisdom too. The people in the community don’t know anything about the past; they only know things about their job. People in the community think the Receiver of memory is clever, is because the Receiver can give the proposal to the elders. That’s may point that someone who has wisdom means he know a lot and he know everything just like the Receiver.

Wisdom is a difficult word to define. But in The Giver, Lois Lowry offers an answer.  I think the author pointed out that one person who has wisdom knows a lot and he or she knows the best way to help people and wants to help people. The giver in the book is obviously a man who has lots of wisdom. When the Elders in the community asks him for some advice, he did that because he wants them not to make mistakes just like people did in the past. At last, he let Jonas escape because he knows that life in the community is not good for human. He always tries to do good things for people and he with Jonas was won. So I think in The Giver, the author pointed out that one man who has wistom wants to help people and he knows how to help the people.

Yes, exactly, Lowry suggests that wisdom is knowing a lot by remembering the past and then using that knowledge to make sure people don' t make the same mistake again.   Lowry is on the side of the philospher Santayana, who said "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." The Receiver of Memory exists to make sure that the members of the community know the past and, therefore, do not repeat it.  

  Love is a difficult word to define. But in The Giver, Lois Lowry offers an answer. He pointed out the warmth. In the memory of Christmas, Jonas experienced the warmth of love. The feeling was just like the sunshine, kind and comfortable. You could always find this kind of love from your family. They give you a comfort when you were upset, an encouragement when you did a good job. If you observed carefully, you would realize that there was always love around us. In my opinions, love could be many different ways. For instance, a father was severe at his son’s grade, if the grade wasn’t good enough, he would punish his son. That was also a kind of love. The father’s strictness was for the son’s future. Even tough this kind of love wasn’t as kind as the warm love. Another one, give up everything and forgive everything for a person. That was called “true love”. I thought that was the greatest one. You could always see this kind of selfless love from your mother! I was really appreciated for my mom. Love was everywhere in our life, observe them and be grateful!

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