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Reading Assignment: Pages 74-112, Chapters 6-8 in Kira Kira


Writing Assignment: Please open by characterizing the relationship between Katie and Lyn. Then mention events or statements in the book that back up what you say. Remember to start  by referring to the book and the author, for instance, "In Cynthia Kadahota's award winning book Kira-Kira, the two central characters,  sisters, Katie and Lynn,** are extremely close to one another.  The sisters...."  But please don't use "close to one another." Pick your own descriptive words. In the case of Katie, Mark's use of the adjective "adoring" might be a good choice.

p.s. ** I have mentioned appositives to a couple of you. Appositives are restatements of a noun or nouns that came before. The underlined phrase above is an appositive, and it is usually--but not always--enclosed in commas. 

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Here is Mark's response to the assignment:


In Cynthia Kadahota's award winning book Kira-Kira, the two central characters, the sisters Lynn and Katie are cronies. They love each other and they can do nearly everything for each other to get better. When a dog was trying to bite Katie, Lynn also fears the dog, but she still drove the dog away to protect her sister. Lynn is a great teacher for Katie. She taught Katie many things. When Katie doesn't understand something, she will go ask Lynn. She is also the king of the children and she is a genius, so Katie adores Lynn very much. Katie also cares about Lynn very much. When the ball had hit Lynn in her chest, Katie worries about her very much. She wants Lynn to feel better. They need each other very much. But I think Katie needs to learn how to do things on her own without Lynn's help.

And here is my response to Mark's response:

Wow! You just get better and better. I love the conclusion, which makes a nice closing point about the relationship as a whole.  That's a good concluding technique.

You have also really mastered the way to write about literature. You make your point and then you implicitly say to the reader, "And here's why a I think that." Then you include appropriate pieces of the text to prove that you should be taking seriously. Just terrific.

I will send you some further comments via e-mail (after I finish my comments on the previous assignment. Sorry for the delay. I am, as we say in the States, swamped with work)

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Here is Alice's response:

In Cynthia Kadahota's award winning book Kira-Kira, the two central characters, the sisters, Katie and Lynn, are extremely close to one another. The sisters always help each other too.

In the book, one day Lynn and Katie are playing on the field, Lynn ran away for a moment, and then came a dog, Katie was scared. Lynn came very fast and tried to let the dog go away. But although she tried very hard, but the dog didn’t go away, on the contrary, the dog almost bit Lynn. Then, Katie threw a bottle with milk to the dog, and the glass was broken. The dog stopped and turned back to drink the milk. But now, Katie began to worry about the dog that maybe it will hurt its mouth. Well, maybe Katie is kind to animals too.

The relationship of Katie and Lynn should have lots more, I really like this book!

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