reading and writing assignment for new 5th grade class

Reading Assignment: Read pages 1-30 of The Big Wave. Because we won’t be able to finish discussing Goat and the Terror Birds on the 20th, you might want to look over what you have read in that book for the December 4th class.  We will finish it up then.


Writing Assignment: Write a review of the Goat and the Terror Birds. The review should begin something like this  “If you are looking for a book for youngsters just about to become teenagers, consider Goat and the Terror Birds. Kids will like it because….  Next provide a very brief summary of what the two narratives say. Then give at least two reasons why you think readers your age will like it.


For your reasons, consider using adjectives like suspenseful, exciting, imaginative, clever, unusual, scary, colorful, realistic….



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     If you are looking for a book for youngsters just about to become teenagers, consider Goat and the Terror Birds. Kids will like it because it is funny and make you happy.It tells a story about Mac and his father.Mac 's mother died,he lives with his aunt and cousin,One day,a goat go in their house,he helped them a lot:stop them sell the house,lead some animals to find his dad in the jungles......

His Dad is a photogragher,he is looking for the terror birds in the jungles for money,when he met the terror birds and in the dangerous,Some goats saved him.I like it because in the story,goat can talk and cook,that makes funny,and Mac's enemy Rhett, at last had to clean a field all summer,This make you feel good.Finally,the goat who had help Mac's family had gone to help other people.That's sad,but it can told you help other people is happy.                               

This is very, very nice Enya, and you certainly know your own mind. You did a terrific job listing the reasons why you liked the book.  I will send some other comments via e-mail, but I am extremely pleased with your ability to explain WHY you liked the book. Not everyone can do that.

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