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Reading Assignment: Kira Kira Please read pages 1-42, Chapters 1-3

 Writing Assignment: The Giver ends without a clear conclusion. The ending can be interpreted in a number of different ways. Please write a description of what happens after Jonas sees the lights in the far distance.

 You can do this in two ways: You can start by saying something like this:   "Lois Lowry's The Giver has been interpreted in different ways. The interpretation changing with the book's readers. For some, the book ends on a positive note, with Jonas finding the community Elsewhere that he had dreamed of. Others, though, have thought that the lights in the distance were a hallucination, the result of starvation and cold. They believe the book ends with Jonas's death. I agree with those readers who ....

Or you can continue the story: Jonas struggles to his feet, holding Gabriel to his arms. As he walks.....

In other words, you can get practice with writing persuasively or writing a narrative. It's your choice. 

You were great in class yesterday, very thoughtful in  your responses!!

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Jonas keeps holding Gabe to his arms and walking. Suddenly he sees a light before him. But he is so tired and he can not walk to that place. He thinks he will die because he doesn't have any power to get food or water now. Just then, many people come to him. They are the people who were released before. Old people, kids who were released because they are not healthy enough, people who asked for releasing like Rosemary. They bring some warm food and water to him. Then Jonas falls asleep. When he awake, he finds himself in the community and people there all can see colors and hear music. Asher and Fiona are safe and there aren't surveillance cameras anymore. People are happy. The community land is as high as the land which is not in community so the animals outside come in. The Elder comes to him and thanks him very much for opening and saving the community.

This is just beautiful, and the writing is very advanced, as in this series:

"They are the people who were released before. Old people, kids who were released because they are not healthy enough, people who asked for releasing like Rosemary. " Also, I like how you weave your references to the text in as you do here, "people who ask for releasing like Rosemay."

Very imaginative,too, it's great how you managed to get the animals added to the community and  how you made the first group Jonas encountered be members who had been released. 

Absolutely terrific response!

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  “Don’t walk too far, David,” Alex, a strong man said. “Oh my god, there are two people lying on the ground. Dad, are they still alive?” David, the most naughty boy of the town said. The strong man run toward the two frozen bodies.” Thank goodness, they are still alive. Let’s take them to see the doctor.”

  Jonas opened his eyes and realized that he was on a comfy bed in a warm room. Gabriel was sleeping soundly beside him. The room was quiet; there was only the sound of the fireplace. The door opened, a man walked inside. “Here, drink some water, you looked terrible.” a kind-looking man said and gave Jonas a glass of warm water. “Who are you? Why am I here?” Jonas asked. “I am a doctor, Alex and David found you guys in the mountains. You two were fainted at that time.” the doctor answered gently. “Thank you. Would you please tell me where is this place?” Jonas said sincerely. “ Welcome to the New World, young man” an old man walked in the room and said. “ The members of this town were all the escapers from the horrible communities. Now you just need to forget all the bad memories and enjoy the freedom and happiness. I’m the mayor of this town. Nice to meet you” the old man said kindly. “Thank you, what a wonderful world, now I can really feel love and listen to music!” Jonas said excitedly.

  After a hard journey, Jonas and Gabriel finally reached the New World. Now they can enjoy their wonderful life.

                                                          The End

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Wow, Alfonso, what an imagination you have.  I like how you even added the "sound of the fireplace." What a perfect detail to convey to the reader the comforting and comfortable atmosphere you had in mind. Plus, many of the sentences are spot on perfect: They do not have a single error.  I'll send you some comments via e-mail. This is great. 

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