Reading and Writing Assignment for 6/4/15 23rd class

Reading Assignment: Number the Stars pages 39-81 (See attachment for background photos)

Writing Assignment: (Make sure to have read Chapter 5 before you complete the assignment) Imagine what it was like for a little girl like Ellen Rosen to be faced with German soldiers coming through the door in the middle of the night. Ellen freezes (becomes very pale, doesn't move and can't think) and without Annemarie's help--It's Annemarie who yanks off Ellen's necklace, which could have revealed the little girl's Jewish faith--she might have been taken prisoner by the soldiers.


Put yourself in her shoes. The soldier stands at the door pointing his finger at you and saying, "Tell the truth, you are a Jew aren't you? "What do you think you would do? Would you freeze like Ellen or would you think on your feet (idiom that means think fast and come up with an answer that would get you out of trouble).What would you say in order to escape and make sure the  Johansens didn't get into terrible trouble on your account? 


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    If I am a little girl like Ellen to be faced with German soldiers coming through the door in the middle of the night and asked me am I a Jew then I won't freeze, I will think fast and answer him: I am not Jew, and we are all not Jews. I do not like Jews. They earn our money and earn money from people all over the world. Do you don't like them too? That's great! I think then the German soldier will go away and the Johansens will be out of the terrible.

Well Mark, this was a very interesting and historically accurate response. One way to escape the Nazi terror was to pretend that you were one of them, that you, too, hated all Jews.  Many people did this, and some of those people were, at the same time, helping Jews to escape. Very astute (smart) answer. As always, I enjoy reading your work.  See you in class.



  If I am Ellen face German soldiers,I will not freeze.Of course I will tell them :"I am not the Jew.I am only her sister(point to Annemarie)."very fast pretend I said it didn't go in to my mind for lie them.Then I will tell them:"I don't know why I have this bothersome black hair.It often make people think I am a poor little Jew. "

If I am Annemarie, I won’t freezes. Because Ellen is my best friend, I must help her. If I don’t help her, she will dead. Everything is from the friendship. At that time, I will think a ‘One size fits all’ way to protect Ellen. I’ll said to the soldiers, “We don’t have any JEW here, everybody in my family are here.” If the soldiers say Ellen is not my sister, she is a Jew. I will show him the photos and tell him she is my sister Lise, and make sure Ellen is not yelling.

@Enya. Great response. I loved what we would call your "stage directions," meaning describing something as if it were occurring in a play, "point to Annemarie." And your decision to mention the color of your hair before the soldiers could is sheer genius.  Very imaginative. Great work. 

@Cindy   This is such a "Cindy" response in its emphasis on friendship. I really like that your immediate response is based on friendship and that you thought about using the photograph to make them believe you. You have to tell me where you learned about "one size fits all." I use that phrase all the time.  Excellent work that shows a lot of imagination.

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