Reading and Writing Assignment for 6/11/15 24th class

Reading Assignment: Depending on where you left off last week, you should read from page 74 to page 105 or from page 82-105. 


Writing Assignment:  On page 75 Uncle Henrik asks Annemarie  how brave she is--"How brave are you little Annemarie?", and she says that she doesn't like to think about that question. Please explain why, at that point in the story, she doesn't like to think about bravery.


Based on what you read in this week's assignment, do you think she will always want to avoid thinking about personal bravery? Or do you think she will change her mind about herself as the story continues? Please explain what in the book helped you decide whether or not Annemarie would(or would not) always avoid the subject of bravery.  

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    Annemarie doesn't like to think about bravery because maybe she is a little brave that time, but she still think she is not enough brave for save Ellen's family. She hopes she can be brave like people who fight with the Nazis, then she can save all Jews who have to work until died. I do not think she will always want to avoid thinking about personal bravery and I think she will be very brave at last in the story. I hope at last, she became very brave and protected Ellen and help the resistance to fight with the Nazis and save the Rosens. Because lots of people became very strong and brave in the danger. And in the book, when the soilder came into their house she helped Ellen take off her neck lace. If she is not brave she won't do that and then they all will be died.

That's exactly right Mark. She doesn't think she is brave enough. Therefore, she doesn't want to think about the subject of bravery. I think you are right too that she will become braver and be able to fight with the Resistance against the Nazis.  Wonderful that you used a scene from the book to help make your point. Very well done!

Annemarie doesn’t want to answer the question because she doesn’t want to face the question. Other way she wants to save those Jews but she is afraid with those soldiers.

In Annemarie and Uncle Henrik‘s dialogue, Annemarie think she is not brave because when she face those soldiers, she was frightened. But in my mind, Annemarie was really brave, if I was Annemarie, I will be really afraid. Because I know how horrible were those soldiers and I know what the end if soldiers catch me. But Annemarie does not. She doesn’t know every things, she just know the soldiers will be bad for Ellen, she need to save her.

I think when the story goes on, Annemarie will be braver. Because she is saving Ellen, she must know what Nazi is, what soldiers will do to Ellen and other Jews. She won’t always avoid the subject of bravery. She will be braver, because she has the mind: “Save Ellen, Save Jews”

What a knock out opening line!! And what a perfect verb--face--to use to express Annmarie's feelings on the subject of bravery.The conclusion is absolutely spot on perfect, and I like very much how you use the text to prove your point.


 This is the best writing you have done so far, and it is perfectly wonderful in both content and style.  I am so-o-o impressed.


I like your new avatar too. You are clearly a serious fan.


Great work, Cindy, just great.  


     Annemarie doesn't like talk about bravery,because she thinks she is not brave.For me,Annemarie is so brave:She can face the soldiers and talk to them,even she doesn't know what will the soldier do for Danish and Jews;She can take off Ellen"s necklace and take it in her palm during al times when soldiers come in...But she still thinks herself that she didn't do well to safe Ellen and her family.When Uncle Henrik said "How brave are you little Annemarie?"she is a little shame about Uncle Henrik's praise,she is sorry for Ellen when the soldiers notice her black hair and she was froze and if there not her papa Ellen will take away by Nazis.I think she will be very brave at last, because her bravery is in her deep mind.


This is terrific. The opening is just lovely. I really love the way you start off with Annmarie's point of view and then change the direction of your thought with a nice smooth transition, "For me." And you used the colon exactly right.


Excellent use of the text to make your point, and a perfect conclusion.  Just all in all, wonderful!! 

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