Reading and Writing Assignment for 12th class 3/19/15

My apologies. We went over these assignments in class, but I forgot to post them on the Forum.

Reading Assignment:  Read pages 40-80in Dear Mr. Henshaw


Writing Assignment:  Write a paragraph describing Leigh’s character. Use an adjective or an adjective and a noun to describe him.  “Leigh, the main figure in Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary is a very studious boy”(adjective and noun) or Leigh, the main figure in Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary, is very studious  (just theadjective)


Then cite (mention) an event from the book that illustrates this behavior, for instance:


Leigh, the main figure in Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary, is a very studious boy.  When his mother complains that he doesn’t do his chores around the house, he always says he has to do his homework because homework is more important than housework. (30) When his mother doesn’t accept this excuse, Leigh says “ Don’t you want me to get good grades in a good school. Working hard in school now is going to make my future.” (32)  (That’s the (pretend) quotation from the book; the quotation has to be the actual words from the character or else the exact words the author says about the character.)






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    Leigh, the main figure in Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary is a honest boy, he never tells a lie to people. When he wrote letters to Mr. Henshaw, the writer, he really said the truth to him, not like "oh, I like your book very much, you are great". From his letter, we can see his emotion changes: at first he liked the book very much and he is polite; after some days he became unhappy because his father didn't phone him on time and his TV was broken so he started to use some words like"pooped", "disgust"; but at last he said sorry to Mr. Henshaw and he really felt sorry of be rude to him. He tells the true things which are not hypocritical. So I think he is honest.


     Leigh, the main figure in Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary, is very lone boy.His parents got divorce,he lives with his mother.he can not tell every to his moher,so he often write to his favourate auther----for him, the auther is his best friend.He said:"I am mad at Mom for divorcing Dad."(page 64)He think his father doesn't love him.When his mother leaves for work,he is so line.

In Beverly Cleary’s Dear Mr. Henshaw, there is a main character call Leigh Botts. He is a frank and honest boy. He tells everything to Mr. Henshaw, even they are bad or something only he is thinking. (P14-30) And he just shares the story about his lunch and the “burglar alarm” (P48-51 this part I like best.) His frank and honest make me read this book just like watch a movie, a real little boy just jump up from the paper and talk with me. I see a boy is pouring his heart to other one, and the other one is happily to listen to his talking, that is Amazing!!!!

Very interesting response Cindy. I really like how you praise the book by saying how lifelike it is. I agree. When fiction really moves me, it's in part because the characters seem so real, I feel like I  know the person. Great that you used page numbers. Maybe next time a little longer quotation? Great work. You get better and better.  I'll send you some comments via e-mail.  LMF 

@Enya. Nice response. I can tell already that you feel bad for the main character. Great use of  a quotation to support your point and thank you for including the page number. And I think you are exactly right, Leigh sees Mr. Henshaw as his best friend, pretty much because he has no others.  Good work. I know I still owe you one e-mail about the last assignment. As soon as I finish that one, I will send you some comments on this one.  See you on Thursday.  Laraine

@ Mark.


I think he is honest too, and I like how you pointed out that Leigh doesn't just tell Mr. Henshaw nice things as proof of his honesty.


You are also getting really skillful about how you link sentences together with transitions. This one is especially good:"From his letter, we can see his emotion changes."


It's also great that you understand how his change in language reflects his change in mood. Being able to make those connections between the words the author used and the feelings they suggest is very important. Everything about your writing just gets better and better.  Best, Laraine.

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