Homework for the 14th Class

For homework, please finish reading "The Hundred Dresses."


On the forum, please complete the following: Write a letter similar to the one that Peggy and Maddie wrote to Wanda; if you could see a certain person again, or say anything to them, what would it be?


Then, please translate the paragraph beginning on p.69 “Now it was Christmastime….” and that ends on p.70.

Original Post

Dear Sissie:

     How are you doing? I heard that you got the only chance in your school to study abroad in America. That was brilliant and I really admire you! But you said you didn't want to go because you didn't want to leave your parents and was afraid of a new life. Be confident and brave! You got to believe that you are strong enough to study abroad yourself. Anyway, it's up to you. And you really did your best.

      I am fine in GZ. Friends don't make me angry, parents are still kind and patient, and I keep drinking milk to grow taller although I know that it doesn't work. I'm a little busy because my Art teacher is going to hold a fashion show and everybody needs to design some clothes. But I have passion on what I am doing. No big deal.

Yours truly.


Dear Josh:


    How are you? Are you still teaching students English now? When I was in Grade 7, I didn't have class with you, but I could not help think the time we communicate together. You sometimes gave me some sweet songs to listen, such as The Chipmunk Song. You also watched the movie Ice Age 4 with me. At first, I only knew how to read, after talking to you, I knew how to speak lively and confidently. I think your English teaching is pretty good, I knew a lot when I talked and chatted and wrote with you.

    Now, I studied in a Junior High School and lived a happy life. My English is became better and better. Thank you for your fantastic teaching. If I have some questions on English, I will ask you by e-mail. Hope you will bu happy every day.






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