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Next week will be our last class!  Please finish reading "Never Let Me Go." Then come up with your own essay topic and write a paper that is at least 250 words.  Give it your all--this is our last time to compare essays and talk about them!  If you need assistance coming up with a good essay topic, please don't hesitate to email me.

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Sally's Homework:

I mentioned last week that I think this book is a tragedy. But after finishing this whole book, I am not quite sure about that anymore.

The novel is a tragedy,of course, for the rumour about the deferrals never really exist and true lovers never have a chance to be together. Kathy and Tommy’s feeling of disappointment after they heard the truth really touches me deeply. I suppose they are not doing this to have a longer life, instead they just want to spend more together. Unfortunately, they are “creatures” who can not love freely. The lovers are separated by Hailsham, by donations and by their destiny that they were born to donate their organs to complete their mission.

However, I can also seek the kindness and love between people, or so called humanity. Students at Hailsham have hope. I guess Kathy, Tommy and Ruth doubt the deferrals but they insisted to give it a try. Although Ruth and Kathy has a “barrier” after all these years, they still treasure their friendship. Besides we can also learn the bravery they have when facing death. In some ways they are always fighting with their destiny, hoping they could one day gain respect and the right to love.

And about the title, I have a scene flashing in my mind after I finish the book. A teenage girl facing the boy she love, facing her childhood and friends, crying out never let me go......

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