Homework for 4th Grade A, Kate Shelley

Great job in class today!  For homework, please read pages 1-28 of Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express.  
Choose one page of Kate Shelley to translate into Chinese.  Write down the Chinese translation and send it to me.  Then, using your Chinese version, rewrite the English version in your own words.  
Last, please write at least 5 sentences answering this question about The Hundred Penny Box:

Very often, we keep certain objects or possessions to remind us of something or someone. In The Hundred Penny Box, we found the themes of “holding on” to the past, the way that Aunt Dew does, and “letting go” the way that Michael’s mother, Ruth, tries to when she throws things away.  Ruth thinks that you need to forget the past in order to be happy in life What do you think of this? Is it more important to forget about bad things or things in the past, or to remember them?


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This is my anwser:
I'm agree with Aunt Dew .I think Is it more important to remember things.i think one person to live in the world ,He has to remember things,.When you throw things away, you may do not have to remember sth .The life will be bad.LIVE IN THE WORLD do not have any significance.So you need some memorry to recollect.

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