Two Very Different Thanksgivings

Here are two images of Thanksgiving, the holiday we are celebrating in the States. One is a very famous painting by an artist called Norman Rockwell.  It's called "Freedom from Want." Rockwell wanted to show America as a very rich country. Thus he made sure the turkey was big and everyone looked happy and well fed. It was painted in 1942.


The second image is of a Thanksgiving dinner in Princeton, New Jersey. The goal of this picture is to show the U.S. more like it is, as a place where people of all colors live, not just white people. It was taken in 2011. It shows how much times have changed. Thank goodness, 


Even though we don't have class this week, please consider writing about your favorite Chinese holiday. It's good practice. Plus, I'd like to read about your favorite holidays.


multicultural Thanksgiving


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