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For homework, please read chapters 14, 15, 16, and 17 (pages 77-100) of The Summer of the Swans.
Then, write an essay (9-12 sentences) discussing this question:
Mary helps Sara look for Charlie.  But on the way, she causes more stress for Sara than help.  Can you describe what happens?
Then, try to relate this situation to your own life: have you ever had to choose between material things (i.e. going to a party, looking fashionable) and life-threatening things (i.e. finding your lost brother)?  Describe what happened.  (For example, I was all dressed up at a birthday party but had to jump in a pool to save someone and messed up my hair and makeup.)
Let me know if you have any questions!
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Sarah's Homework


In chapter14 to 17, Sara was still finding Charlie.

Her friend helps her look for Charlie, but on the way, she causes Sara get more stress. This is because Mary told Sara about a thing that happened before. Charlie’s watch was stole by some boys. But Charlie thought he stole the watch and told Sarah. Sarah told to her aunt, and her aunt go see Joe’s mother. Sara think is Joe stole Charlie’s watch, but Mary told her the true. She recognized that she misunderstanding to Joe, and she think she is really sorry about it.

In my owe life, I haven’t had choose between material things and life-threatening things. But I always choose between material things and other things. For example, a week ago, there was a vocal concert, it is really good and I really like the singer. However, at that night, my mom cannot come with me, and my sister is going to go there with her friend. So, if I want to go, I must go myself, but there ere many people, and it is not safe. At this time, I must choose between the vocal concert and my own safety. In the end, I choose to stay at home and go to class.

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