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For homework, please finish reading Bridge to Terabithia, chapters 10-13. 


In class, we talked about how the book tells a story about a friendship between two people who are both similar and different from each other.  These differences and similarities help them have a strong friendship.  


We started filling out a Venn diagram with the differences and similarities between Jess and Leslie.  Please finish that for next week, sharing your ideas about how the author compares and contrasts Jess and Leslie. If you don't want to make the circles, you can make a list--





Last, please translate the paragraph on p. 153 beginning with “’OK, May Belle.’ The words came out more… ‘Now, back up’” into Chinese.  Then look at your Chinese translation and try translating it again into English.  It's okay if the sentences change a lot!


Next week, you will have Maud as your teacher.  Have a great class and don't be afraid to ask her questions just like you would ask me!


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