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For homework, please read Chapters 4-5 of Bridge to Terabithia.

Please translate the first page of Ch. 4 into Chinese.  Then, using only your Chinese translation, translate it into English.

Create three discussion questions to ask your peers that will be used to lead the next class.  If you find any words or phrases that you are unfamiliar with, mark them down and we will talk about them!

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由于是在劳动节2后的第一个星期二开学,所以这是很短的一周。这是件 好事,因为每一天都比前一天糟糕。莱斯利每次休息的时间都参加赛跑,而且 每天都赢。到了星期五,很多四、五年级的男生已经离开去场地中间的斜坡上 玩“山丘之王”的游戏了。现在跑步的人已经很少了,他们甚至不需要组织小 组赛了,这让比赛少了很多悬念。跑步不再像从前那么有意思了。而这一切都 是莱斯利的错。 

杰斯明白他现在永远也无法成为四、五年级里跑得最快的选手了,他唯一 的安慰就是那个人也不会是加里·富尔彻。他们俩参加了星期五的比赛,结束 的时候莱斯利又赢了,所有人虽然不说但心里都明白,赛跑这项运动的末日到 了。 



Because the school started at the first Tuesday after Labor day, so this week is very short. It is a good new, because everyday is more terrible than before. Leslie join to the running race everyday and she won the race everyday. When it is Friday, lots of boys which were grade five and four all went to the slope and played the KING OF MOUNTAIN. So the people that were running get less. They do not even need to have the team race, it made the race wasn’t fun anymore. And theist was all Leslie’s fault.

Jess knew that he cannot become the fastest runner in fifth-grade and fourth-grade. His only consolation was Gary Filcher. They all join in the race at Friday. Leslie won in the end again. Everyone knows that, this give will be ended.

But it was Friday, and Miss Edmounds was coming again.



Does Jess like Leslie?

Why yes or not?



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