I am so sorry that my Webex quit working 10 minutes before class was over!  I kept trying to log back in and wasn't able to.  I hope that you all were able to talk more about the translations and the end of the book during that time.  Hopefully this will not happen again!

Anyway, congratulations on finishing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  

For Homework: Read Ch. 1-3 of Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. 

Then, send me an email with a well developed response to this question (at least 10 sentences):

Did you enjoy reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?  Why?  What were your favorite parts?  What lessons did you learn through this story? 

Then, please translate the first three paragraphs of the beginning of Ch. 3 of Bridge to Terabithia Write down your Chinese translation and then the English translation you get from that.

Don’t forget to be prepared with a favorite quote / part from each chapter for next class!

If you have any questions, please let me know.  Again, so sorry for the technical difficulty!

See you next week,

Audrey Wagner

Original Post

I really enjoy the time that I read the CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, because it is very humorous. In this book, Mr.Wonka is a funny man and I really like him. My favorite part of this book is that when the Violet Beauregarde gets very big and fat, and the Oompa-Loompas are singing the song. Because it is very funny, they made a joke of her. The things I learned in this book are that, the money cannot do everything, be kind and nice is more important than rich. For example, Veruca Salt can it her father use money to help she get the golden ticket. But that do not means she can become the winner in the end. However, the reason that why Charlie became the winner is probably became he is kind and modest.




杰斯除了远远地瞥见一眼之外,就再也没看到莱斯利·伯克,直到接下来的 星期二的开学的第一天。云雀溪小学的特纳校长把她带到了梅耶斯夫人的五 年级班。 莱斯利仍旧穿着褪色的短裤和蓝色的汗衫。她的脚上穿着运动鞋但是没有 短袜。惊奇的声音就像电暖炉上的水蒸气一样突然发出来。他们全都穿着最好 的春装,呆呆地坐在那儿。甚至连杰斯也穿着一条灯芯绒裤子和一件熨过的衬 衫。 其他学生的反应似乎并没有使她不安。她站在前面,她的眼睛在说“好, 朋友们,我来了。”以此来回应张着嘴的同学。梅耶斯夫人正考虑哪儿能多放 一张课桌。这个教室是一间小小的地下教室,每排 6 张课桌,摆了 5 排已经不 太舒适了


Jess haven’t see Leslie Burke again until the first day of the school. The headmaster brought him to Mrs. Myers’s 5grade. Leslie Burke still dressed the faded shorts and the blue undershirt. she had the shoes with no socks on her feet. The sound come out like the steam of the electric warming cap. they all dressed the best spring cloth, even Jess also wear a shirt and the trousers. She stand at the front and her eye’s says that “ I am coming my friend.” to answer the student when Mrs, Myers is thinking about where should she put the extra table. This classroom is a small underground classroom, 6 desks in a row, the 5 row has already been uncomfortable. 


   I think I really like the story: Charley and the Chocolate Factory. Because I think the author of this book really knows about the heart of the child, so he can write the story that is really interesting. And if you are a child, and you read this story, and I think you will think about the inventions that Mr. Wonka had did, if there is real inventions that Mr. Wonka had make, I think the world will develop very fast.

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