Reading Assignment: Finish up Sounder

Writing Assignment: Please write a paragraph explaining the two different attitudes toward life the boy's parents represent. In effect, your paragraph should answer the question, what does each parent suggest is the best way to live.

Good class today. The book is not easy and except for Sounder's being shot, you all did very well. Actually, can you take a look at page 26 and think about why you were unsure about what happened to Sounder? In other words, what in the book made it difficult to understand that he had been shot while trying to get to his master.

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In the book Sounder, the boy’s parents have different attitudes toward life. Mother’s attitude believes the future. She told the boy to believe the future and believe that Sounder will back. (And Sounder really back) She is a hopeful woman. But his father’s attitude is more realistic. He can help his family in steal the ham. Even he knows what will happen next. He asks the boy not to come again to the jail. Because he doesn’t want his boy get into this mess. He is brave and conscientious. PS. I didn't do the Writing Assignment too long time!!!

Nice contrast Cindy. The only thing I would add is that the mother's hope is founded in her belief in God.

Beautiful transitional sentence here: "But his father’s attitude is more realistic."

In the book Sounder, the boy’s parents have different attitudes toward life. The mom thinks life is learn to lose. She thinks that people will lose lots of things in their life. They should learn to lose so they won't get badly hurt when something leave them. So she taught the boy to learn to lose. She also thinks that a man should rely on himself and become stronger and stronger because maybe no one would help him when he is in trouble. So she told the boy about these when the boy went into the hills. But the boy's father's attitude toward life is different. He thinks a man should do anything to protect his family. That's why he stole the piece of meat, although he knew the sheriff will come arrest him.

Well done Mark. Many of the sentences are grammatically perfect, and you have also perfectly described the difference between the mother and the father. 

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