Reading and Writing Assignments for 5/16/15 20th class

Reading Assignment: Read pages of Shooting Kabul 186-218


Writing Assignment: Imagine this situation. You go to school with Fadi. You know about the terrorist attack of 9/11. But you also know that Fadi is no terrorist. What would you do to make Ike and Felix stop bullying him?  Begin your writing by saying “If I went to school with Fadi and saw those two boys bullying him, I would….” Then explain what you would do. 

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    If I went to school with Fadi and saw those two boys bullying him, I would tell Ike and Felix"you are wrong, you should not bully Fadi, that makes other people think you are very bad, it is not good, you should be nice to Fadi". If they do not listen to me, I wil teach them again. If they still bully Fadi, I will bully him harder then when he bully Fadi. I will show him"American style justice" like Ike said to Fadi before. I will let them feel how Fadi feels when they bully him and let them regret for bully Fadi.

Terrific!! I love that you used the quote about "American style justice." It's the perfect quotation to illustrate what you mean. 


I also like your patient three-step approach. First ask them nicely, then ask them again, and if that doesn't work, watch out!


Great work. I think I am behind one assignment, but I will respond to this one shortly. However, in this case, there's not much for me to say except to offer some punctuation pointers. You really nailed it (idiom meaning You did a great job).



If I go to Fadi’s school and see two students is bullying on Fadi and broke his camera, I would go and stop Ike and Felix and said to them:” Why are you bully on him? Do you just think he is a weak boy then you can bully on him? You are wrong. Have you try when the person on this world who you love best is lost? And you don’t how to find him/her, you don’t where he/she is. Fadi’s sister is the girl, who him love best. But she is lost in a calamity; Fadi has no way to find her. Without the camera. And you broke his little hope just now!!! You must say sorry to him right now and buy another camera to him.” [I think I will say these sentences very angry and serious, and maybe Ike and Felix just are afraid by me and they must say sorry very fast and just run away. O(∩_∩)O~]

Wonderful job, Cindy, a true Cindy creation.  I like very much your believing that you could appeal to the hearts of the two bullies, especially if you look at them with a very angry and serious expression and use a voice that says you mean business (idiom meaning you are not playing), so much so that they run away.  A great piece of writing, composed (written) with a lot of heart (idiom meaning showing deep feeling). 


  If I went to school with Fadi and saw those two boys bullying him, I would pretend I see something make me do like a good student and yell to those bad boy:"The teather is coming here!"And took Fadi ran away quickly before Felix and Ike could react.I think they will run away too.If they could see through my lie quickly and ran after Fadi and I,I would bully them return.(I had learn taekwondo!I am confident about I can pull them down on the ground.)

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