Reading and Writing Assignments for 4/9/15 15th class

Reading Assignment: Read pages 44-84 of Shooting Kabul


Writing Assignment: By the end of Dear Mr. Henshaw, Leigh’s dad suggests that he and his mom should give their marriage a second chance. Explain what her answer is and why she says what she does. Please use at least one quote to illustrate her reason. At the end, explain why you think she made the right choice.



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   When Leigh"s father wants his mother to have another chance,his mother says:"No."Because she doesn't like living in the mobile home and run lots of ways every day.She and Leigh had too many days without Leigh's father. "Too many lonely days and nights not knowing where you were"said Mum.[132]And ,Leigh's father always forgets the phonecall,made his wife and son mad."too much waiting for phone calls you forgot ."[132]

   I think she  made the wrong choice,because Leigh need his father,Leigh is too lone.She needn't live with Leigh's father every day after they married,but Leigh is only a boy.he needs both mother love and father love.

What a great response Enya! Thank you for using quotations to support your point of view.  I had been thinking that Leigh's mom made the right choice. But after reading what you wrote, I'm not so sure. I especially like the second paragraph. Well said! See you in class. Laraine

This is from Doris, who is, for the moment, unable to post on the forum:


When Leigh’s father told Leigh’s Mum: he want to have the second chance; but Leigh’s Mum said: no! Because she think there is too many lonely days and nights not knowing where you were, too much waiting for phone calls you forgot to make, too many boring Saturday nights in some noisy tavern, to many broken promises!I think Leigh’s Mum is 50%right and 50%wrong. Right because she must have her peaceful life, the wrong is that it not good for Leigh’s heart!

Well, you are all very persuasive. Five minutes ago, I was completely agreeing with Enya. Now that I have read yours Doris, I am more inclined to take the 50/50 approach. You express your opinion in the last part extremely well. Thank you for making me re-think my own opinion.  When writing makes the reader re-think what he or she thought was right, that's the mark of a good writer. 


I think we have to make this subject the topic of a discussion tomorrow because there are clearly differences of opinion and each writer has good reasons for what he or she says.    See you tomorrow, Doris.  Laraine

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