Reading and Writing Assignments for 4/23/15

Reading Assignment: Read pages 117- 132 of Shooting Kabul


Writing Assignment: The plot of Shooting Kabul is somewhat complicated. So it’s probably worthwhile to summarize sections of it as we go along.  Please write a paragraph or two explaining the circumstances that force Fadi and his family to leave Afghanistan. End the description with the disastrous event that occurs as they make their escape.


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    In the book Shooting Kabul, when Fadi and his family leave Afghanistan because Taliban, there was a big event. In the early morning, Fadi and his family got up early and hurry to put things into their bag. Then, they got on a big truck which is leaving Afghanistan and going to Pakistan. Suddenly, Someone saw and shouted "Taliban is coming", then the truck had speed up. Just then, Fadi's sister Mariam had lost her doll, then she fall down from the truck and was lost.

Mark, This is excellent. You really understand the key to summarizing, which is to eliminate everything but the key points in the plot.


I also like the way you are giving your writing a clear structure, starting general and then becoming more specific.


Perfect use of a quotation to make your point.  Great work! 


    At first,Fadi's father wants to help the people in Afghanistan,so they go back to there.But the condition of Afghanistan is getting worse.Talibans start more and more wars.One day,Talibans arrive Fadi's house and want Fadi's family join them.Of course,they won't join the Talibans,but they don't have other good ideas,so they finaly leave Afghanistan.

     But a disastrous event happenned:they lose Mariam!When they see the truck,there is a lot of people want to get on the truck.But the Talibans get  beside the truck and they are going to catch them.They don't have more times.Before Fadi and Mariam get on the truck,Mariam drop her favourate doll on the road,she realy want to go and get it.Fadi doesn't hold tight onto to her.She drop from the truck at last.

Doris cannot get on the Forum, so I am posting her writing for her.


Fadi and his family leave the Afghanistan to go to America because they need to find Fadi’s sister-------Mariam, but that is not easy for Fadi’s Family to live in America, as the events of 9.11,the bad men found Mariam. 

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