Reading and Writing Assignment for 5/7/15 19th class

Reading Assignment: Read pages of Shooting Kabul 152-182. I will send you another list of vocabulary words for these pages no later than Saturday. 


Writing Assignments: Here are two possibilities for you to choose from. 


Choice 1: On Page 161, Fadi ends up in what appears to be the Barbie section of the toy store. Please describe what he feels. Pay particular attention to the sequence of his feelings. In other words, what does he feel at first?  How do his feelings change?  Finally explain what you think is the source of those feelings. Why does he find the dolls so upsetting?


Choice 2: Pages 144-154 ofShooting Kabul are titled Target. Please explain why the title fits the situation Fadi finds himself in post the tragedy of 9/11/2001. Below is a typical target image.



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Choice 2

    Pages 144-154 of Shooting Kabul are titled Target, because In the school, Fadi was the bad students even good students' target for bully.  I think this happen come into being is because Fadi was new there, so most of the students thinks he is weak and easy to bully and I think Fadi was really weak and Easy to bully. And The nine one one attack was just passed, people was still afraid Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, they hate Afghanistani very much, so the students  in the class hate them either. And every body wants to hurt Afghanistani so the students think if they hurt Fadi they won't get trouble. So I think this is why these pages titled Target.

And I think you are exactly right on both counts! Fadi is easy to bully because he doesn't want to fight and is fearful. But he is also the target of bullying because everyone is so angry after the attack of 9/11.People like Ike and Felix are looking for anyone who might be responsible. And in their anger, they think anyone who looks like an Arab must be a terrorist. Nice work. Laraine

Here is Cindy's response:

Fadi is in a toy store, he see some Barbie in there. Suddenly, there are a lot of things pour out in his mind. He is thinking about his sister first. Where is my sister? What does she eat? Is she warm now? Is there any body bully on her? He is really worried about his sister. He feels so sad next. Because he thinks maybe his sister is dead, maybe his litter sister is lost and nobody come and helps her. She has no money, no water, no food, and walk on the street by herself. She is in a big danger. Maybe there are some people bring her to the Taliban and kill her or put excruciation on her. He can’t think any more. The last thing in his mind is” I must bring Mariam back.”



Here is Enya's reply:


 At first,When he see the Barbies,he is so miss Mariam.Because Mariam has a Barbie.he feels worry about how is Mariam now.Maybe she is hungry now;Maybe she is sleeping on the street now;Maybe the Talibans are hurting her now……Then,he feels afraid with these Barbies."He could practically feel Mariam's tiny fingers slipping away from his as the phantom rumble of a truck echoed in his mind " [p161--162] He can see what happened again the day Mariam was lose in his mind. He is so ashamed for it was his fault that Mariam was  lost ,and he never tell his family.So every one thinks it was their fault,but it is himself's.At last,he feels so angry.Because when they will get onto the truck,Mariam lose her favourate Barbie---Gulmina. So Mariam starts struggle in his hand and she is lose! If there isn't a Barbies, Mariam would live with them together now!So he starts banging the Barbies.

I never thought of that, that the "she" he is mad at is the Barbie doll, but that is definitely possible. I thought Fadi was referring to Mariam, but I think you are right. He is blaming the doll. I have to re-read that section, but this is a great interpretation (understanding) of the story.  Excellent work. 

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