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Welcome back!  For next week, please finish the book Jacob Have I Loved.  If you weren't able to read chapters 13-15 that we went over today in class, please read those, as well as chapters 16-20.  Make sure you take plenty of time to read this. 
Since we had such a long summer break, for homework, please write a summary of the chapters that you read for next week.  It should be 7-10 sentences long.  Write in your own words what happens in the story.


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James' Homework:

Chapter 16: The returning of Call is like a candle, it made my life brighter. I begin to change a little out-going,(for I can communite with him not often he lead or hint me to say something)

Chapter 17: Caroline married somebody and my grandma and I were at home. At first, she thought only herself was at home and after she finds me, we chat and the captain joined. my grandma seemed to be kind to the captain now.

Chapter 18:the family get together and talk about choices. The words that grandma said moved me. Life is made by many choices, no people can have all choices.

chapter 19:I am about to graduade. It means I have chance to go out of the island. then i saw beautiful sights of the new school.

chapter 20:my father is dead, and i become a nurse in the end.

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