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Hello everyone!  

There's been a bit of change of plans.  I had told you in class to read chapters 3-5 for next week, but now we are going to take 3 classes to finish the book instead of 2.  That means we have more time to discuss some of these confusing parts, yay!  
So, for next week, please read chapters 3 and 4.  If you've already read them, read them again and you will understand so much more!  Then you have three assignments. 
1. Write a summary of the two chapters.  This means writing down the main story ideas in your own words.  This should be at least four sentences long.  
2. Create 3 discussion questions about the chapters or the book so far.  Write them down and send them to me before class.  Your classmates will answer them, so make them difficult!
3. Write down any words, sentences, or concepts you don't understand in the two chapters.  You will use these in class.
Remember, you will have a substitute for next week, but because things have been changing around, I don't know who that will be yet!  I will let you know your teacher's name as soon as I can.  You will have two classes with a substitute teacher, and then the last class will be with me again.
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