Homework for the 3rd Class

Hello Guys,


Sorry that this homework is coming to you so late, I will explain why at the beginning of class.  Xiaojie (Emma), from the Beijing office, will give you the reading to do, which will allow you to complete the following homework for Friday.  After or while you are reading, on the forum, please choose 2 from the 5 historical terms from below to identify.  Remember to make sure you've identified the Who, What, When, Where, and Why (Historical Significance) of each term! Each identification should be a paragraph consisting of at least 3 sentences.



1. The Tobacco Colonies

2. Puritans

3. William Penn

4. New England Colonies

5. 16th Century England


Please also make sure to have the reading handy with you at the beginning of each class!


See you Friday

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