Homework for March 1st

Please be prepared to discuss Chapters 2 and 3 during class on March 1st. If you have time, I encourage you to finish reading the book, although it is not required. 
Also, please write a 1-page double-spaced (250-300 words) reflection paper. You are free to write about ANYTHING at all that you find interesting. You may focus on one small passage, notice the language and discuss what it could mean. Or you may draw a conclusion about a character based on a scene or their behavior. Your own opinions, thoughts, perspectives, and inferences are of course welcome and encouraged in these responses! 
If you need a starting point, you may consider answering one of the following questions: 
1. Chapter 2 opens with a description of the "valley of ashes" (p. 16). What do you notice about the passage? What kind of imagery does the author create in your mind, and why is it important? You may also comment on the eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg. Why did the author mention these eyes? Do they symbolize anything?  
2. Discuss the relationship between Myrtle and Tom. What is the nature of their relationship? (Do they love one another?) What does the relationship say about the kind of man Tom is? What about Wilson? What does the relationship say about society in general? 
3. What are your thoughts about Nick? How does his narration shape how we see the characters? If the story were told from third person omniscient narrator, how would the story change? What would we lose or gain? 


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