Homework for 8th RWM Class: Curious Incident

For next weekend's homework, please continue reading the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.  We will read pages 32-69 (ch. 61-103).
For your essay, please choose ONE essay prompt to answer. Your essay should be 200-300 words:

1. Think of the novel as narrated in the third person, instead of by Christopher. Describe how this change would affect our views of the characters and the emotional impact of the novel.

2. Christopher appears to believe in always acting logically (similar to Holden in Catcher in the Rye). Does Christopher always behave logically, and what does this tell us about his character?


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Tom's Essay:

I think Christopher has similar personality as Holden, they both behave logically, Holden is a kind of people that do not want to talk with others. But Christopher doesn't because he would like to ask strangers for some information about the incident of the dog. And Holden doesn't want to care small things such as who killed the dog, he only want to live like a fake adult. Christopher behaves oppositely, he wonder who killed the dog and become a fake detective. They have similar situations, being separated from crowds, not good at communicating with others. Holden is a kind of lazy and want live comfortably, however, it seems Christopher is more strange, Holden is like a normal people doing wired things, Chris is like a wired people doing normal things but not perfect. Chris act logically and it showed us he wants to have a good relationship with others.

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