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For homework, please read Chapters 11-14 of Charlotte’s Web.


Respond to the following question on the forum (200 word minimum):

To save Wilbur’s life, Charlotte thinks of a marvelous idea. What is this idea? How would you have felt if you didn’t know Charlotte was behind all of this- would you think it was a miracle?


Please also come prepared to discuss your favorite scene from Chapters 11-14, and explain why it is your favorite. You do not need to write this on the forum.


Translate the following text from Ch. 11 into Chinese.

“ A miracle has happened on this farm. There is a large spider’s web in the doorway of the barn cellar, right over the pigpen, and when Lurvy went to feed the pig this morning, he noticed the web because it was foggy, and you know how a spider’s web looks very distinct in a fog. And right spang in the middle of the web there were the words “Some pig”. The words were woven right into the web. They were actually part of the web, Edith.”


Best, Mr. Hunter.

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