Homework for 2nd Class

Hi Class, I am Mr. Virgillo Hunter, your teacher, on this wonderful learning experiencing. I am excited to meet you all, learn and grow as a class unit. Please don't be shy, I am very approachable, and I will give you all useful feedback to elevate your writing and reading experience each week. As a class we are striving for a respectful positive space where everyone can share their ideas and express their creativity   


For homework please:


1. Read Chapters 6-10 of Charlotte’s Web.


2. Consider the following questions, which we will discuss next class. To prepare, please write your thoughts on the forum (3 sentences minimum for each question). Then, respond to at least one of your classmate’s posts.

  • Do you think Fern really can hear the animals? Or do you think Mrs. Arable is right and that Fern is pretending to hear the animals?
  • What do you think Charlotte will do to help Wilbur? How will she fulfill her promise that she’ll keep the farmers from killing Wilbur?


3. Post two discussion questions you would like to share next class about Ch. 6-10.


4. Choose three words that you found challenging in this reading. Record the page number, context sentence, and definition of each word. Then, write your own sentence using each word.


5. Translate the paragraph on p.72 beginning with “Just the same, I do worry about her…” into Chinese.




Mr. Hunter 

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