Homework for 29th class

Please read p. 140-186 (Chapters 31-42) of Holes.


Imagine that you are “vacationing” at Camp Green Lake. Write a letter home to your parents.


Research: Does the yellow-spotted lizard really exist?


Check your email and print for next class: Holes vocabulary word-search Lesson 4

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This camp green lakes is really awful. There's no lake and no green, except for two oak trees. And the only shade belongs to the warden. She is like a queen, she owns everything here. She lets us to dig many hole for"make us learn", or change us to good children. This is nonsense, nobody can change by dinging and dinging and living in a very bad place. And I think the Warden might wants to dig something out of the desert using the bad children. I don't like here, but we can't run away, there's no water except for the camp and the  "big thumb". I hope i was that unlucky to be here. 

Dear mom and dad,

How are you? I really miss you. Don’t worry me.

Camp Green Lake is not a bad camp. We dig holes every day and I made many friends here. One of them called Zeroni. He doesn’t know how to read or write but he is the best holes-digger here. I teach him how to read and he is very hard-working. I’m so happy that he learns very fast.

I’m good at digging holes now too!

Why did I have a no-good great-great-grand father? I hope I could come back soon.


Stanley Yelnats

Dear Mom and Dad:

I miss you very much. I hope you could be here now.

Life here is not easy. We have to work every day. We have to dig a hole every day. The place here is much different then I imagine. There is no lake and no green. The only shade here belongs to the warden. I make some friends. One of them couldn't read and write. I teach him how to write and he teach me how to dig fast. We are happy together. I really hope to see you!

Stanley Yelnats

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