Please read p. 1-47 (Chapters 1-9) of Holes by Louis Sachar. Translate the excerpt on p. 8 of Ch. 1 beginning “He looked out the window at the vast emptiness…” and ending with “was when his father would howl the word “moon”.


On the forum, please respond to the following question for Island of the Blue Dolphins (250 word minimum). Hint: you will need to research information about Scott O’Dell and recall our class discussion about him.


Why might Scott O’Dell have chosen to write this book? What is most meaningful about this book to you?


Optional: Suggestion for further reading Zia, by Scott O’Dell, the sequel to Island of the Blue Dolphins. Zia Tells the story of fourteen-year-old Zia Indian girl who is Karana’s niece. Zia wants to rescue her aunt, left behind on Island of the Blue Dolphins eighteen years before. When Karana is brought to Mission Santa Barbara, she changes Zia’s life. **We will not discuss this book in class, though you are encouraged to  communicate with me if you read it!"**

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I think the writer chose this story because it is a real thing so it won't feel like a fake one. This story also can teach people about what happened before. The most meaningful part is how Karana survived in the Island of the Blue Dolphins. 

I think I can learn something from that. 

Island of the Blue Dolphins is based on the true story of Juana Maria,a Nicoleno Indian left alone for 18 years on San Nicolas Island. It is a historical novel. Scott O'Dell was born in Los Angeles, at the era when exploiting the Western. Part of this book comes from his memory. When he was young, he and his friends often went to where the Indians had lived before. They played on the old canoe. So he know many things about the Indians.


This book shows a really brave girl. Her 18 years life on the island is very difficult. For me, I think this book show me some character, such as brave, unremitting, clever. It told me that we should never lose hope and we should try to find pleasure when we were in a bad situation.


The author lived near the boundary of America and Mexico, so he got in touch with native American a lot. According to what he said, he wrote the book to express his anger caused by invation to his home and violation toward animals. After he handed in the book to his manager, he was told that it was a good book for children to read. What a coincidence!


This book reminds me of the book The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. The story is similar to that story. And I am impressed by the character Karana and her close relation with wild animals.

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