For homework, please read the Introduction and Chapters 1-5 (p.1-28) of Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell.


Please create three meaningful discussion questions about Island of the Blue Dolphins to lead our next class and post them on the forum.


Translate the last paragraph on p.8 at the beginning of Ch. 2 that reads “Our island is two leagues long and one league…” and ends with the words “…because of its shape, called it the Island of the Blue Dolphins, I do not know.”

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  1. What characteristics Karana has shown when she is playing the older sister’s role in front of Ramo?
  2. On P7, when Karana’s father asks for the equal part, Captain Orlov takes a look at the Ghalas-at men standing on the beach. He does the similar reaction on P21 when they are leaving. However, the results of his gaze are different: on P7 he suddenly smiles; on P21 a war begins. What may be the aims of his gaze and what lead to his different reactions?
  3. On P15, why does Karana’s father believe that many otters had gone to other places and regards Karana’s words “foolishness”?

1、Why does Kimki want to find a place for them in a east country even if they can never forget their relatives?

2、Why does Chief disagree to get one third?

3、Does Chief know that Aleut will break a contract a first? If yes, why does he still agree to let them hunt sea otter? 

1.Why did Karana's father tell his real name to a stranger?

2.Do you think that the war is a must, or something leads to it? Then what is it?

3.Do you think that Karana's father makes a good chief? No matter what your thought is, use some evidence to prove it.

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