Homework Class #3

Hello All,

Please do NOT wait until the last few minutes before class to complete your reading. I need you to be fully prepared and ready for class. DO NOT come late to class. 

1. Please read Ch. 8- 10 (pages 98-150).

2. Create 3 meaningful discussion questions for class. (These questions should not be something you think too hard on just to send it to me as an assignment. Rather, these questions should develop naturally as you read.)

3. Please respond to the following on the forum and come prepared to discuss (250 words minimum). Hint: you will need to research the author online and read her biography at the end of the book to find the relevant information.

Q: “Why might Cynthia Kadohata have chosen to write this book? How have her life experiences given her insight?”

Please work hard and try to complete all that you can. For this week, we'll focus on reading together in class so that you guys will have a more relaxing time.

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