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Hi Ivylabers,
There's a small change in terms of our wifi connection. Please notify your students of this change.
Brown has created a new Brown-Guest network, so they are discontinuing the Brown-EZ network effective July 23.  Please be aware that we need to start using Brown-Guest thereafter.  Here are the instructions:

Connecting to Brown Guest

1. Connect to “Brown-Guest” via your wifi options. In windows you will select this from the taskbar at the bottom right of the screen. On a mobile device you will be able to select “Brown-Guest” from your Wi-Fi Settings.

2. Once you connect a screen will come up verifying that you want to connect to “Brown-Guest”. If you do want to connect, and agree to the terms and services, click “ok”.

3. This will stay active for 10 days. After 10 days “Brown-Guest” will forget your phone and this process will have to be completed again.

Sorry for the change, but we have been told that this new system will be quicker and easier to use.

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