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Original Ryan Knox 美国常春藤教育 1/27/2021

Dear Admissions Committee:

I received the waitlist offer of Duke's ABC program five days ago and am writing to express my continued interest in attending Duke and also to provide a brief update on my application.

Since submitting my application in January, I received my final transcript for the UIUC where I graduated with a final GPA of 3.8. I was also honored with the 2020 XYZ Scholar Award in recognition of my academic achievements.

Since graduation, I was invited to continue to work with Alpha3, the company where I previously held an internship. I attended the PaperWorld Exhibition in Frankfurt, an internationally recognized trade show for stationary. I also represented Alpha3 at a trade show in Istanbul, Turkey, in February where I am promoting the company’s new sustainable PU product. Last month, I went to Moscow with my colleague to visit our Russian customers and collected market information.

Over the next few weeks, I will head to Hong Kong and Japan for Alpha 3’s annual exhibition and sales meetings. Through this experience, I hope to broaden my understanding of international business and corporate social responsibility, which will help me with my ultimate goal of facilitating public-private sector collaborations to promote sustainable industrial practices in China and beyond.

I am drawn to the Austin Institute’s emphasis on interdisciplinary learning and real-world experience, as well as its global approach and dedication to creating profound social change. I believe that Duke would provide me with the ideal setting to blossom as an aspiring environmental advocate and policy designer and implementer.

I read with some interest in the MIT Tech Review of a recent study from LSE and MIT that links crime rates to air pollution, since pollution decreases the amount of oxygen in the blood stream and thereby the brain. Thus, police departments and hospitals will be able to predict crime before it happens and treat victims rather than respond to it after it does, by forecasting where and when air quality will worse. This marriage of policy, public health and government is exactly what inspires me.

If offered a place in Duke’s ABC program, I would accept without hesitation!

Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

Xiaohong Zhang

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