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Reading Assignment: Please read Chapters 7 and 8
Writing Assignment: Please identify the person in The Outsiders whom you think is the most worthy of admiration, perhaps even heroic. Explain what it is about him (or maybe her) that you find admirable. And make sure to mention some events in the book that support what you say.

As always, you will have to start with the author and the name of the book with a sentence like, "S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders has a gallery (collection) of  colorful and exciting characters, but the one I admire most is ....... " I'd prefer you come up with your own opening sentence, but if you get stuck, go ahead and use this one.

A Note on tense, you can use the fictional present to describe characters, as in "Pony Boy is a thoughtful young man who does well in school," But when you want to indicate changes in time. say how one action caused another, you need to change tenses, as in "He had always been afraid of Darry (long standing action in the past), but when Darry slaps him, something changes in Pony Boy (Now we are back to fictional present describing his new state of mind).  Changes in tense are one of the toughest things to master, so it will take a lot of practice. But you will get it, I promise.

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In S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders, the author built many different, interesting, and exciting characters. And I think Johnny is a heroic guy in the book. At first, he is very timid and pitiful because his parents often beat him. So if other people bully him, I think he would not hit back and maybe just run away or bear it. People in the gang were nice to him and gave him much love and mildness. So he was grateful to the gang. And when the Socs were going to drown Ponyboy, he did something that he never dare to do before. He killed the people who wanted to kill Ponyboy. He didn't do nothing to save Ponyboy from that ruin. And that's why I think he is heroic. Johnny can pay everything of his own for his friends, even he may die. I think that's what a friend should. He is not strong, but he is actually a hero.

There were many brave and admirable men in S.E. Hinton’s novel The Outsider. The one who admired me the most was Johnny. He had been bullied by the Soc. before and that was always the most horrible experience to him. He didn’t give up his life after that and started to bring a switchblade with him all the time for self-defense. The night he and Pony went to the park, they met some Soc. He protected Pony and killed a person. Though he was awfully scary because he met the person who made a cut on his face years ago, he still protected his best friend and even killed a person. That needed a lot of courage! To me, the most admirable part was when they went to the burning church, he ran after Pony without saying a word. Even though it was dangerous and he didn’t have to save the children, he still ran with his best friend without thinking. He didn’t leave his friend at the critical moment. Their friendship and the way Johnny protect Pony touched my heart. If I had a friend that was as perfect as John, that would be the best gift ever.

@ Alfonso Well done.  This is my favorite sentence: "Even though it was dangerous and he didn’t have to save the children, he still ran with his best friend without thinking," and it certainly does support your choice. Great that you know the phrase "critical moment" and used it exactly right.  And your conclusion is absolutely perfect. For many writers, conclusions are the hardest part. But you have a gift for writing them. 

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