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Reading Assignment: Please read pages 152-180 (Chapters 11 and 12)

 Writing Assignment: Sammy’s accident is a real turning point in the girls’ relationship. Please write a paragraph explaining how the book makes the reader realize that the girls’ relationship is very different at this point in the story.

For future discussion: I have included an image showing the kind of propaganda used against the Japanese during World War II. It is images like these that have influenced the people who won't speak to Katie and her mom. 

anti Japanese posterAs Kadahota shows, the people of Georgia have not forgotten the propaganda they saw during World War II, which makes me wonder, "Is propaganda ever good"?  It helped Americans support the war. But it also made them see the Japanese as less than human. It's a disturbing question. Perhaps we can talk a little about propaganda next week.  Have a good week.  LMF


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In the book Kira-Kira, Katie’s brother born when she is six years old. I think Sammy’s makes Katie have her child heart back. Lynn already starts to grow in to a real teenage, but Katie still is a girl. And Sammy’s born makes Katie a new reason to refuse grow up. Lynn’s grow up seems to be necessary because of Amber. But Katie not, she don’t want to grow up, she want to be with Sammy, when she is with Sammy, she don’t have to care what is ladylike.

This is a lovely thought, and it's true to the book: "I think Sammy’s makes Katie have her child heart back."

You have the heart of a poet. I also think you are right that Sammy's birth encourages Katie  to stay more childlike. I hadn't thought of that, but I think it fits perfectly, and it's a great insight into the family relationships.

 Right again, Sammy doesn't care if she is ladylike so all the more reason for Katie to not be a lady.  As I have said before, you understand the world way beyond your years. In English, we would say you are an "old soul." And that's a good thing. 

At the beginning of the book Kira-Kira, the two main characters, Katie and Lynn were very closed. But as time goes by, the two girls both grew up and they like different things so they didn't be close to each other anymore. But they still wanted to be close to each other, so when Sammy needed both of their help, they worked together quickly. But Lynn was too weak at that time that she couldn't go ask for help, so Katie went and asked for help by herself. After that, the two girls got close again, but their relationship had became different from before. Before the accident, Katie needed Lynn's help to do most things. But after the accident, Katie was on her own, she can do many things only by herself, she doesn't rely on Lynn anymore.

  After Lynn and Amber had become friends, Katie started to feel unfamiliar with this genius that had once been her best friend. On the day they went camping, the two “model” just sat and talked about their secrets (probably was about the boys or how to be a girly girl) instead of helping the kids set up the campfire. After Katie told them her story about Joe-John, they thought her serious story was just a joke. How terrible they were. Their relation ship wasn’t as good as before, Katie wasn’t the only one anymore. Katie started to shun Lynn. Made a new friend just like Lynn. But after Amber dropped Lynn and Lynn started to feel sick, Katie still stayed with her and took care of her because their friendship was sincere and wasn’t that weak to be destroyed by a stupid model. On the day they went on a picnic, they all enjoyed themselves. But when the accident—Sam had been hurt by the trap happened, they had to carry Sam to find for help. Unfortunately, at the same time, Lynn felt sick. After Lynn dropped Sam a few times, she finally couldn’t do it anymore. So, Katie had to find someone to help them on her own. Instead of before, Katie was the leader this time. She took the responsibility to save the two sick people’s life. Because of the accident, they worked together again, and Katie took the responsibility to be the leader of the three. I’m sure that Katie will learn many things and become independent from being the leader.

Wow, this is impressive! And your understanding of why the accident is a turning point is right on the money (idiom meaning exactly right).

As a writer, you have really mastered the art of making sentences flow smoothly into one another.  And this is no small feat. Many native speakers cannot do this, so being able to do it in a second language is close to miraculous. Very nice conclusion, and an altogether terrific piece of work. I will send some additional comments via e-mail. 

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