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For homework, please read p.1 -34 (Ch. 1-2) of Sounder, by William H. Armstrong. 

Respond to the following in an email about Jacob Have I Loved:

What is the significance of Sara giving life to the newborn twin baby girl? Why do you think the author ended the novel with that story?


Let me know if you have any questions. Please email me if you won't be in class next week.


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Kevin's Homework:

What’s the significance of Sara giving life to the newborn twin baby girl? Why do you think the author ended the novel with that story?



In the end of the story, Sara was called by a pregnant mother to give born to her new baby. Sara discovered that there were two babies in the mother’s body. At first, Sara thought the mother should go to the hospital to give birth to the two babies. It’s better than giving birth in their own village. But, because of the condition is impossible to go to the big hospital, so the mother must give birth to her babies in the village with Sara’s assistance.

Finally, two new lives were born. The process of giving birth to the first baby was easy. The first baby seemed active. But the second one’s birth wasn’t as quick as the first. It took a long time for Sara to take the baby out. After this baby came to this world, he didn’t even cry. Sara began to feel worry. But finally, she saved the baby. In fact, this baby was quiet and not active.

I think this process and these two babies are very similar with Sara herself and her sister Caroline. When Sara was little, she found that her sister Caroline was the one who attracted people more. Like those young twins, Sara was the “weak” one, and Caroline was the “strong” one. But, Sara finally walked away from the shadow that Caroline had brought to her.

I think this is a good ending for the story. It is perfectly fit for the whole story.

James' Homework:

The more care, the more love

As we know, when Sara was born, her family huged and kissed her younger sister and nearly ignored her. That made her feel she is nothing better than her sister. Scientists show that when new baby were born, their parents will be in a very stimulated mood, when they are in this mood, they are like kids just got candys from their parents. That also means they will forget things. So I think is possible for them to forget the earlier baby. But it doesn't mean that it is right of them to forget Sara. 

As a nurse help a mother to born a baby is also an exciting job. Because of the bad feeling that Sara had had, she took care of the earlier baby. Her bad story was stopped by her. I think this is like a circle. It happens from Sara's birth, and now it goes to her again. She has the right to change and to protect another baby from getting sad during her/his life. The most important thing is that the writer showed how kind she is.

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