Homework for 20th class

For homework, please read Chapters 19-22 of Charlotte’s Web.


On the forum please complete the following:

  1. Create two meaningful discussion questions to lead our next class.
  2. Consider the ending of the book. What do you like? What do you dislike? What lessons did you learn throughout this book? (Please write at least 10 sentences).


Translate the following text from Chapter 19, “Up overhead, in the shadows of the ceiling, Charlotte crouched unseen, her front legs encircling her egg sac. Her heart was not beating as strongly as usual and she felt weary and old, but she was sure at last that she had saved Wilbur’s life, and she felt peaceful and contented.”

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1 Why didn't Charlotte tell Wilbur that she is going to die at the first time?

2 Why does Mrs.Zuckerman criy when she knows that Wilbur doesn't won the first prize? 


I like this ending. It's a pity that Charlotte was dead. But her children and grandchildren lived here forever. I am happy that Wilbur will never be alone and he can always have friends. Although Charlotte was dead, we could see that she gived all her life to save Wilbur, and she really loves Wilbur. At last Wilbur took a good care to Charlotte's chirdren, I think this is a kind of repay, Wilbur did this to thank Charlotte for saving his life. From this, we could see the friendship between Wilbur and Charlotte. Both of them want to give their life to save other. Charlotte is a amiable and kind person, it is really not easy to do all this. Charlotte is a good friend and great mother. 

  1. Why did Fern behave so coldly that she even asked for money to play when everyone saw the blue tag on Uncle’s pen?
  2. In chapter the Egg Sac, it says “Everyone who visited the pigpen had a good word to say about Wilbur. Everyone admired the web. And of course nobody noticed Charlotte.” Why nobody noticed Charlotte and the author add “of course”? What human natures it may show?

The ending is moving to me. I’m really happy that Charlotte’s children were born safely. However, I dislike that some children were staying. I think Wilbur should be stronger in his mind after Charlotte’s death. Though all the children left, the power which Charlotte gave Wilbur will encourage him and also deepen the impression of the book, I think.

I pay more attention to treasure the people who are care about me after reading this book. I try my best not to hurt them and give them help when they need, like to my mum. I used to be very impatience to her when she was talking endlessly. However now I don’t – I try my best to be patience as I think that was a great care to me.

The second thing I learn from this book is that I become more careful when I wanted to define a person (I had written about this before). At first, Wilbur defined Charlotte “cruel and bloodthirsty”. However this definition changed a lot when Wilbur got more and more familiar with Charlotte.

1.How do you think Charlotte's death?  What is the purpose of the death of Charlotte?


2.There were some interesting descriptions of the human characters in Chapter The hour of triumph. For instance, Fern asked for money twice in the chapter the egg sac, but she got refused twice and her mom's excuse was she was too busy. And for the third time, at the most important and busiest moment, she asked again, but her mom agreed. Why did Fern asked for three times and what she asked were basically the same('can i have some money?').but the result was different? How do you explain the behavior of her mom's? 


I like the ending because Wilbur survived anyway and everything seemed to go on its way and turn in its cycle like Charlotte died but her children and her grand children grew up, Fern became mature, seasons turned, the sun went up and the shadow faded. The time in the book seems frozen and motionless and the characters and their spirit last forever. I dislike the death of charlotte because it is painful to accept the truth that she died.

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