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Reading and Writing Assignments for 8/11/16 23 rd class

Hi Everyone, The reading assignment is A Long Walk to Water  p.70-102.  The writing assignment is somewhat easier than the previous ones:

Write a paragraph in which you

1. Introduce the book title and author and describe how the book is structured, or set up, with two narratives, or story lines.

2. Give a brief summary, at the most three or four  sentences, of each story line, something like this, "Nya's story focuses on her struggles to get the water her family needs to survive while Salva's story..."

3. Describe how you think the two stories will eventually come together, something like " I think the two stories will combine when the author tells us that Nya is Salva's grandaughter, who now lives in the area he once occupied." (Mark had a much better theory, or idea, of how the two would come together.)

4. Briefly explain why you think the stories will combine in the way you describe. In other words, what in the book leads you to think as you do.  (Remember what Cindy said in class yesterday about using evidence from the book to support your  perspective, or point of view).

*** Remember too the importance of transitions, which can be words, phrases, and whole sentences. In other words, first, second, and third are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to transitions ("Tip of the iceberg" is an idiom meaning, that you are seeing or being told only a very little about what is,in fact ,a huge group or mass. It's also a metaphor as many idioms are. ) I'm not defining either because we discussed them in class, and you know these terms.��

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