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Reply to "Part 2 of Sounder"

Kevin's homework:

1.Where do we see people’s prejudice in the novel? 

Answer: In this novel, the black people were not equal with the white people. White people had many privilege that black people didn’t. In this story, the boy’s father stole something and was punished seriously. He was locked in jail for a long time. In the father’s heart, he didn’t want to steal things. But, because of they were very poor, he need to get some food for his family.


How do these incidents affect the family?

After the father was arrested, the boy had to visit his father for many times. This wasted him a lot of time.


 Are the members of this family strong or weak?

I think the members of this family were strong. The father stole foods for this family. It’s risky so that he need to have a lot of courage to do this. The other members were also strong, like the boy and his mother.


How do you think your family would behave if it were in a similar circumstance?

I think my family members will also do the same when this situation happens.

If I am in trouble, I’m sure they will try everything they can to help me, no matter what the cost is.