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Greetings from your RA -- Teng

Hi girls,


My name is Yuxia Teng. You can call me Teng for short. As College Admission Counselor, I have been working at Ivy labs Education for over two years.


I am so excited to fly to the US with all of you on July 20. Besides, I will be your RA for the three-week program in Brown University. Our group is “Dartmouth Group”, named after Dartmouth College, one of the eight prestigious Ivy League colleges.


In my spare time, I like jogging and other out-door activities. In the afternoon, whatever you go out to do, such as riding horses, sailing, kayaking, etc., I will join you. I also enjoy watching English movies, and would like to share with you all of the wonderful movies I like. What do you like? What are your hobbies? I can’t wait to know.


See you in 19 days later! Wish us a pleasant journey and a wonderful stay in Brown!




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